Shipping times

For books ordered after 19th of December there's no guarantee that the package arrives before the Holidays.

    If you’re out late for a BJOOKS holiday gift: Several local and international retailers offer express services, please find one here, or check local shops.

    Please note that the pandemic has caused an enormous e-commerce increase putting pressure on all logistic systems. So the above dates are realistic estimates from our warehouses, not guarantees.

    Books for American and British customers are sent directly from our local warehouses in the US and the UK. Customers from Europe and the rest of the world receive books from our warehouse in Germany.

    All our warehouses have strengthened their cleaning and sanitizing processes and are following the advice and regulations from national authorities. Furthermore, our books are sealed in plastic foil direct from the printing facility. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Stay safe, and Happy Holidays!