Kim Bjørn · CEO, Author, and Designer
Kim is an author, electronic musician, and designer, with a profound interest in creativity and the interactions between people and their creations. PEDAL CRUSH is his ninth book, following the now industry-standard PATCH & TWEAK from 2018 and PUSH TURN MOVE from 2017. He has released six ambient albums of his electronic music and occasionally performs live at venues and events. Based in Copenhagen, he now runs the boutique publishing company BJOOKS together with Lars, while traveling all over the world when possible, or creating the next title that will make your music-making even better.

Lars Juhl · Brand manager
Handling our more than 100 resellers, Lars is responsible for our marketing- and event efforts, sales and publishing strategy, and is Kim's right hand in all things BJOOKS. He has a background in music industry distribution, as well as a professional career as a composer, music producer and DJ with several songs, and albums behind him. Lars joined Kim in conceptualizing and helping with the first Kickstarter campaign in 2017, can play almost any song on the piano, and is always up for meeting new resellers, artists, and makers.

We couldn't run BJOOKS without the passion and help from a lot of great people. One of them is our Shop Manager, Natascha, who make sure everyone gets their books, or their questions answered. All those who help gather content, write, photograph, illustrate, connect, review, and the like, we mention in the particular books. However, special mention goes to the below team of wonderful, creative, and dedicated people:

Editing team