Master your Moog semi-modulars

Clear tutorials and inspiring patches cover each of these Moog instruments in detail…
Explore the Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon, Grandmother, and Matriarch with detailed patch ideas, explained modular concepts, and inspiration from 30 interviews with modular artists and Moog designers.
“The book is top-notch in every way. Like Bjørn’s previous books, Patch & Tweak with Moog is gorgeous.” - Synthtopia

PATCH & TWEAK with Moog

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    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog
    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog
    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog
    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog
    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog
    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog
    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog
    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog
    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog
    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog

    Description of the book

    Five modern synthesizers - one amazing company

    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog is half creative inspiration and half loving celebration. Dive deep into the possibilities of five Moog semi-modular synthesizers, while celebrating all things Moog.

    • Featuring the Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon, Grandmother, and Matriarch
    • Over 30 exclusive interviews with artists, designers, and Moog staff
    • Dozens of example patches with hundreds of programming tips
    • Foreword by award-winning composer Hans Zimmer
    • 200 colorful pages printed on high-quality certified-ecofriendly paper
    • Hardcover format (9.8" x 9.8" / 25 x 25 cm)

    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog is a practical guided tour and learning resource for Moog’s five semi-modular instruments the Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon, Grandmother, and Matriarch. Clear tutorials and inspiring example patches cover each of these Moog instruments in detail – then combine them with one another and with third-party synthesizer modules to expand their power.

    The book also celebrates the storied history of Moog Music and its founder, Dr. Robert A. “Bob” Moog. It features 30 interviews with artists and past and current Moog designers, and is rounded out with a biography of Bob Moog, a look at Moog Music today, and a comprehensive Moog product timeline. Between its inspiring stories and tempting musical recipes, PATCH & TWEAK with Moog is a must-have for new and experienced synthesists and other Moog fans.

    Interviews with artists

    Discover secrets and tips from artists

    Over 60 years of invention, innovation, and inspiration have placed Moog synthesizers in the hands of millions of artists – a Who’s Who of amazing musicians in every genre of music, giants of decades past, and hot young players alike. Get ready to get your Moog on with Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), soundtrack composer Mark Isham, synth legend Suzanne Ciani, modular master Hideki Matsutake (YMO), and Stranger Things composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, as well as artists like Hannes Bieger, King Britt, Daedalus, Danz, Drum & Lace, Bana Haffar, Lightbath, LP Giobbi, MACK, Daniel Miller, mini bear, Mylar Melodies, Noir Et Blanc Vie, Sarah Schachner, Synth Witch, Therminal C, We Are KING, Woo York, and Adrian Younge.

    Moog the man and Moog the company

    Engineer, educator, and inspiration to many, Robert Moog carried his creative fire from theremins built in his parents’ home to synthesizers that redefined modern music, becoming a household name in the process. We bring you an exclusive retrospective of Bob Moog’s life, as well as an interview with Herb Deutsch, the man who helped Bob Moog design the first Moog Modular. The book concludes with an extraordinary 66-year illustrated timeline of Moog products and a look at Moog Music today, and multiple interviews honor employees past and present who carry Bob’s vision forward.

    Details of the content

    Inspiration in an instant

    The beauty of semi-modular synthesizers is that you can start playing them right away, but with a few patch cables and some inspiration, you can take them so much further. PATCH & TWEAK With Moog ground you in the basics of synthesis, control voltage, and audio patching, then carries these concepts into practical use on each of the five Moog synths. From there, you’ll learn how to further expand your world by connecting them to one another, and even combining them with external synthesizer modules and other gear.

    Five Moogs and every one’s a star

    PATCH & TWEAK With Moog gives equal time to all five of the Moog semi-modulars. Learn about the Mother-32’s sequencing capabilities, the DFAM’s rhythmic tricks, the Subharmonicon’s interwoven textures, the Grandmother’s performance-oriented flexibility, and the sheer paraphonic power of the Matriarch. Dedicated tips and sample patches for each instrument make sure nobody gets left out… but be careful! By the end of the book, no matter which Moogs you started out with, you’re going to want all five!

    Interviews you can use

    Artist interviews can be fun to read, but do they ever teach you anything you can use? In PATCH & TWEAK With Moog, they do! Nearly every interview takes time to discuss how these artists use the very synthesizers featured in this book. You’ll get ideas, inspiration, and tons of specially-created patch ideas for the five Moog semi-modulars, all from the people who rule the music world with them.

    The bjooks team

    PATCH & TWEAK with Moog is written by Kim Bjørn with the full cooperation and assistance of Moog Music. It features contributions from Alex Maiolo and Mike Metlay and is edited by Mike Metlay and Diana Smethurst.

    A Moog love letter for everyone

    With nearly 200 pages and a Foreword by world-renowned composer Hans Zimmer, PATCH & TWEAK with Moog provides an unparalleled look at five incredible synthesizers forming a unique musical ecosystem and the environment where they were born. If you’re a collector, a Moog fan, or an artist using these machines, you need to have this amazing book in your lap as you play with these wonderful synthesizers.

    Mentioned in

    Meet the Artists

    Dive into their inspiring stories, discover their unique creative processes, and witness the masterpieces they've brought to life.

    • Hans Zimmer

    • Trent Reznor

    • Sarah Schachner

    • Daniel Miller

    • Paris Strother (We Are King)

    • And many others...

    Hans Zimmer has scored more than 200 projects across all media, with combined worldwide box office gross of over 28 billion dollars. He has been honored with an Academy Award®, two Golden Globes®, three Grammys®, an American Music Award, and a Tony® Award. His work highlights include Gladiator, The Thin Red Line, As Good As It Gets, Rain Man, The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Thelma And Louise, The Last Samurai, 12 Years A Slave, Blade Runner 2049 (co-scored w/ Benjamin Wallfisch), and Dunkirk. In 2019, he scored the live-action remake of The Lion King, for which he received a Grammy® nomination for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. Upcoming films for 2020/2021 include Wonder Woman 1984, the James Bond film No Time to Die, Ron Howard’s Hillbilly Elegy, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, Top Gun: Maverick, and The Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run. His Hans Zimmer Live concert has toured worldwide.

    Trent Reznor came on the electronic scene in 1989 with his project Nine Inch Nails and the album Pretty Hate Machine, setting a precendent for hardedged and emotionally powerful electronic rock music. Since then, he’s released eleven NIN albums (including three under a Creative Commons license, allowing free download and sharing) and countless EPs and singles. He has scored video games, TV shows (Watchmen (2019) having earned an Emmy nomination), and movies like Gone Girl, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and The Social Network, for which he won an Oscar and Golden Globe in 2011. Trent has produced and played with multiple bands, and is currently creating new material with his frequent collaborator Atticus Ross.

    Sarah Schachner is an American composer, producer, and multi instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. She learned piano from age five, and went on to learning to play string instruments like cello, violin, and viola, while playing in many different bands and ensembles. Sarah went to Berklee College of Music and got her first break as a film and video game composer working on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. She soon realized how much she loved working with composing for games. Her recent work includes Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Origins, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Infinite Warfare, Anthem, Chef’s Table, and NASA’s Cassini Grande Finale Music Project, as well as album work with Travis Scott and 070 Shake.

    Daniel Miller is a British music producer, musician, and the founder of Mute Records, launched in 1978. Since then, Mute has grown into a global group of companies and today, as ever, Miller remains heavily focused on Mute’s creative output. Once influenced by punk, he’s used new music technology at all times. A legend in the world of synthesis, Miller has worked with artists such as Depeche Mode, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Erasure, Yazoo, Moby, New Order, and Goldfrapp. In recent years he has picked up DJing again, and has been playing regular techno sets worldwide – including Sonar, ENTER at Space in Ibiza, ADE in Amsterdam, Electron festival, LEAF festival, Berghain in Berlin, and Culture Box in Copenhagen.

    Paris Strother is a musician, writer and producer in We Are KING – a collaboration with Paris’s twin sister, writer and singer Amber Strother. Both sisters learned to play piano at a young age, and Paris later attended Berklee College of Music. In 2011, We Are KING opened the final show for Prince at his 21-Night Stand Tour at the Los Angeles Forum, and he eventually became their mentor. In 2016 they independently released their debut record. The album topped several Billboard charts, earned them a Grammy nomination, and made it into several best-of-the year lists in the music media. Completely self-produced, written, and performed, We Are KING’s eclectic sound continues to stream from their Los Angeles-based creative studio space.

    Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, King Britt, Suzanne Ciani, Mark Isham, Hannes Bieger, Daedelus, Woo York, Hideki Matsutake, Bana Haffar, Lisa Bella Donna, Noir Et Blanc Vie, LP Giobbi, Mylar Melodies, Lightbath, Danzmini bear, Drum & Lace, Therminal C, Adrian Younge

    Have a look inside!

    Below you can have an exclusive sneak peak into the book: PATCH & TWEAK with MOOG. Prepare to be captivated as you enter the world within these pages. Take a moment to begin your exploration and uncover the enchanting magic that awaits you within the pages of this remarkable book.

    Key elements of the book

    Deep-dive into Moog's semi-modulars

    Explore the possibilities of five Moog semi-modular synthesizers: the Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon, Grandmother, and Matriarch

    Specific patches and tips

    Clear tutorials and inspiring patches cover each of these Moog instruments in detail – then combine them with one another and with third-party modules to expand their power.

    Explore Moog and their artists

    Get inspiration from the 30 interviews with artists and Moog designers, and discover the story of Bob Moog, Moog Music, and a comprehensive Moog product timeline.