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Our mission is to create exciting, informative, and beautiful books about music technology, artists, and makers, in order for you to discover and explore the wonderful world of music creation.

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    The Minimoog Book

    Coming this September! With beautiful and detailed photos, schematics, historical materials, engineering interviews, illustrated sound patches, and over 70 artist features!

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    Synth Gems 1

    A captivating journey into the art of vintage synthesizers. Discover the history, technology, and sonic magic of electronic music like never before. For enthusiasts and newcomers alike!

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    Patch & Tweak

    Explore the boundless world of modular synthesis! Over 700 modules, 38 artist interviews, step-by-step tutorials, and expert tips. Become a true master of your modular system.

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    Inspire The Music

    Explore Roland's legendary impact on modern music! Learn the fascinating stories behind iconic gear and artists. Infuse your musical journey with innovation and inspiration.

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    Patch & Tweak w. KORG

    Dive into Korg's synth wonders! Unleash your creativity with patching tips, interviews, and synthesis tricks. An essential resource for novices and pros alike.

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    Push Turn Move

    Explore the world of instruments with this must-have title for electronic music enthusiasts. Delve into insightful interviews, and stunning designs, uniting with makers and artists.

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    Patch & Tweak w. Moog

    Embark on a trip through Moog's sonic world with this guided tour of their semi-modular synths. Interviews, tips, and patch ideas await any Moog enthusiast or beginner.

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    Pedal Crush

    ONLY in the US! Your ultimate guide to effects pedals! Explore 800+ pedals, learn from 50+ artist interviews, and master new techniques. A mesmerizing journey for every musician.

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