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The ultimate Moog experience

PATCH & TWEAK with Moog

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Explore the wonder of stompboxes


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The magic of modular


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Bjooks reviewed in the media:

"The book is top-notch in every way. Like Bjørn’s previous books, Patch & Tweak With Moog is gorgeous. You can flip to any random spread and find something that draws you in. It offers reams of basic information about synthesis, and pairs that with detailed illustrations and photographs that demonstrate how you can immediately apply the concepts that are discussed.

“Pedal Crush includes a timeline of pedal development, a useful list of good resources you can find online, and a wonderfully comprehensive glossary covering all things pedal-related. This is one of those books you’ll keep going back to – it has obviously been a labour of love for the authors and it deserves to do well.”

Sound On Sound Magazine

“It goes without saying that Patch & Tweak content could not be more detailed and covers almost everything one needs to know in order to understand modular synthesizers. ... a quality book, both in its content and manufacture. It proves to be indispensable for electronic music and modular synthesizer passionates.”

“Push Turn Move is both a coffee-table book for synth gear enthusiasts and a text book for music tech industrial designers. ... In short, Push Turn Move is packed; this is not one of those lightweight books or expensive magazine specials that publishers rush out to try to cash in on a trend. There’s no filler here.”

Sound On Sound Magazine

“Patch & Tweak is a great resource for beginners and modular veterans alike, and every visit to it rewards with some new morsel of information as well as the simple pleasure of browsing.” 

Sound on Sound Magazine

"Equally, you could enjoy this book spread out on a coffee table, to be flipped through with a beer in hand and some good electronica on the turntable. Considerably bigger than the sum of its parts, and bristling with life and colour, this is a lovely book that ought to be in every Moog‑enthusiast’s library."

Sound On Sound Magazine

“Pedal Crush is simply the most comprehensive look at guitar pedals I have ever seen. Beautifully photographed and meticulously researched, I believe it is an incredibly useful resource for producers, engineers, and sound crafters alike."

Tape Op Magazine

Insightful interviews with makers, overview of gear, concepts, and instruments

Dive deep into the usage and making of iconic instruments

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