FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy

Where can I buy your books?
Why are you not on Amazon?
Why is the checkout price only shown in DKK (Danish Kroner)?
Should I buy from this website or from a reseller?


Why is shipping not cheaper?
Why can’t I choose the shipping method myself?
Do you send books from Denmark?
How long does it take until I get my book?
I have not received any tracking info, what to do?
According to tracking, my book has not moved in xx days – when can I expect my book to arrive?

Price and discounts

Why aren’t your books cheaper?
Do you give student discounts?
Can I get a discount code?


I have received a damaged book, what to do?
I received the wrong book or a wrong item, what to do?

Other questions

I bought a book, can I get a PDF of it too, for travels, etc.?
Why are your books not published as ebooks too?
Will the books be published in other languages?