PEDAL CRUSH - Stompbox Effects For Creative Music Making

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Find the ideal guitar pedals for your sound

PEDAL CRUSH have you covered with more than 800 effects pedals, 50 exclusive interviews from artists and makers, and a stunning 200 creative tips and tricks. All in full color, pristine photography, and 376 engaging pages of dense information.


376 pages in full color
Hardcover format (9.6" x 9.6" / 24.5 x 24.5 cm)
Printed on FSC certified paper

Get new ideas within minutes
You might know the feeling of not having “the right” pedal yet, or not having nailed “that sound” perfectly? By reading PEDAL CRUSH, you will gain clarity and expanded knowledge of effects pedals and their creative, musical possibilities. You’ll get new ideas within minutes to perfect your sound and explore new sonic territory - but beware: our readers say it’s hard to put the book down again.

Get more from the effect pedals you already have

Discover secrets and tips from artists
Like in our two previous books, you’ll meet inspiring people ranging from known guitar masters to creative sound artists - all sharing their secrets and tips. Get inspiration from people like Sarah Lipstate, Andy Martin, Daniel Steinhardt from That Pedal Show, David Torn, Ed O'Brien from Radiohead, Jennifer Batten, Lisa Bella Donna, Matt Johnson from The The, Nels Cline, Tycho, Nick Reinhart, and many others.

Get up close with pedal makers
You’ll also learn the stories behind your favorite pedals, as we’ve interviewed some of the pedal creators and brands who have shaped the scene: Chase Bliss Audio, BOSS, EarthQuaker Devices, Death by Audio, Electro-Harmonix, Empress Effects, Meris, Red Panda, Strymon, TC Electronic, and plenty more.

Get started and get creative

200+ tips take you towards new sonic territory
We all know the feeling of not being inspired or in the creative zone. Well, no more. The 200 creative tips and techniques in Pedal Crush immediately takes your pedal game to higher ground and into new sonic adventures. The tips and tricks range from simple things like how to order your pedals, to creative ideas, such as alternative gain staging or how to create spacial glitches with gated reverb.

No-nonsense overview of effects
One of the reasons we created this book, was to “set things straight” - provide an overview and in-depth, usable knowledge about effects types, that you can instantly apply to your music.

Now you can finally get a systematic, no-nonsense presentation of technical, usable, and audible features of pedals. Ramping up from basic options to effects pedals with more advanced combinations, the seven sections of PEDAL CRUSH all contain contemporary effects as well as historic touchpoints, vintage rarities, and "oddballs.”

Dive into Gain-based effects such as Boost, Fuzz, distortion, overdrive, and bit crushers, or master frequency-based effects such as filter, wah, EQ, and talk boxes. Creative time-based effects will catapult you into new possibilities with all sorts of delay, reverb, granular effects, and looping. Get the basic and advanced options on modulation such as tremolo, flangers, ring modulation, phasers, rotary, chorus, and vibrato effects. Before this, you will get down to the workings of amplification, signal management, power, multi-effects, and even software while rounding your fresh knowledge off with pitch-based effects and a timeline of guitar effects through the times.

Save money by knowing more before you buy your next pedal
We’ve all tried to buy a pedal, and then the feeling of “Nah… not feeling it anyway.” Now you can finally avoid “buyers remorse” by really getting to know what’s out there, what your options are, and how different effects could work nicely together. Save money in the long run, by this relatively smaller investment in a beautiful book that you can share with your friends or bandmates.

Created by acclaimed authors and pedal experts
PEDAL CRUSH is written by Kim Bjørn and Scott Harper (Knobs) with help from a team of great editors, advisors, and journalists. Editing and additions: Mike Metlay. Assistant editor: Diana Smethurst. Additional texts and content contributions by Alex Maiolo, Dan Orkin, Peter Fernando, Stefan Fast, Andy Martin, Brian Wampler, Kristoffer Høeg, and others.

The perfect companion on your coffee table or in your studio

With 376 colorful pages in hardcover format and a foreword by Steve Vai, this book is a must-have for anyone having a crush on guitar pedals.