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Uncover the secrets of instrument design and the creative minds behind them...
Dive into electronic instruments, and design concepts, categorized and explained in photos and illustrations, while getting inspiration from interviews with makers and artists.
“PUSH TURN MOVE is an outstanding resource, and a bloody good read for anyone interested in electronic music making stuff.” - DJWORX


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    Description of the book

    NEW Updated 2021-version with stunning new print and paper quality! Featuring more than 30 new or updated instruments — including the Polyend Tracker, the new Haken Continuum models, ASM Hydrasynth, Sensel Morph, Novation Launchpad X, and many others.

    Mankind touches music technology

    PUSH TURN MOVE is an utterly unique and unprecedented book. Beautiful pictures, insightful essays, and fascinating interviews teach how electronic musical instruments are designed for the special needs of the most expressive, lyrical, and demanding things in the music world: human beings.

    • Hundreds of electronic instruments going back over 100 years
    • Over 45 interviews with designers and artists
    • Dozens of essays and diagrams showing the beauty of instrument design
    • Foreword by world-famous electronic artist Jean-Michel Jarre
    • 352 colorful pages printed on high-quality, certified-ecofriendly paper 
    • Hardcover format (9.8" x 9.8" / 25 x 25 cm)

    PUSH TURN MOVE features hundreds of photos and diagrams, dozens of interviews with designers and artists, and eye-opening essays on history, philosophy, design, and user experience. With clear writing and stunning photography, it builds a bridge between abstract design concepts and the feelings we have when we touch our music... between technology and humanity. Science, engineering, passion, and inspiration come together in a unique look at the special bond between instrument and player. PUSH TURN MOVE is a love letter from human to machine that has to be experienced to be believed.

    Interviews with artists

    Inspiring stories by groundbreaking artists

    Modern instrument designs are a strange and beautiful landscape, and the pioneers who explore it combine a spirit of adventure with a sharp eye on the turning tides of technology. Be inspired by insightful interviews with Dorit Chrysler, Suzanne Ciani, Richard Devine, DiVINCi, Laura Escudé, Imogen Heap, Larry Heard, Moldover, Jordan Rudess, Skinnerbox, and others.

    Meet the minds behind the magic

    Musical instrument designers bring these fascinating concepts to life, and never before have so many of their insights been collected into one book. Take a journey through the history and mystery of human and music machine with the creative geniuses of Ableton, Artiphon, Arturia, Axel Hartmann Design, Cycling ‘74, DJ TechTools, Elektron, Haken Audio, Joué, Keith McMillen Instruments, Korg, Make Noise,, monome, Moog, Mutable Instruments, Native Instruments, Nonlinear Labs, Novation, Papernoise, Percussa, Propellerhead, Roger Linn Design, Roland, Sequential, Snyderphonics, Symbolic Sound, Synthstrom Audible, Teenage Engineering, u-he, Wizdom Music, and more.

    Details of the content

    Have you ever wondered...
    ...why one synthesizer is fabulously inspiring while another leaves you flat? How the simplest of design choices can make radical differences in how a musical instrument is used? What divides the truly historic from the quickly forgotten? And why your bandmates love one synthesizer while you love another? PUSH TURN MOVE lays out the answers with beauty and stunning clarity.

    A fascinating framework for a book like no other

    PUSH TURN MOVE is built around an extraordinary architecture. It moves smoothly from the inner mind of the user to the sounds of electronic music to the ways in which music machines are laid out and designed. It’s an intricate tapestry of ideas, weaving together everything from simple lines and planes and curves to revolutions in touch and color and texture. You’ll read about everything from synthesizers, drum machines, and beatmakers to alternative controllers, mixers, and software in a whole new way – they become sensual objects, endlessly intriguing and alluring. For the first time, you can see and truly understand the essence of the fascination they hold for so many artists.

    The first outing for an unstoppable creative team

    PUSH TURN MOVE is the book that launched bjooks as a publisher and made visionary author and musician Kim Bjørn a household name in studios around the world. Kim was aided by respected author, educator, and electronic musician Dr. Mike Metlay, who served as Editor and wrote the book’s Time section – a retrospective of human-machine interaction going back over 400 years. The book was edited by Mike with his Atomic Words colleague Diana Smethurst, and expert synthesist and author Paul Nagle acted as Editor and technical advisor.

    Beauty and fascination unite

    From the Foreword by world-famous synthesist Jean-Michel Jarre to a comprehensive list of references and resources, PUSH TURN MOVE takes the mysterious interaction between us and our synthesizers and opens it up for everyone to admire. If you love electronic music, this book is a must-have title that you’ll return to again and again.

    Mentioned in

    Meet the Artists

    Dive into their inspiring stories, discover their unique creative processes, and witness the masterpieces they've brought to life.

    • Jean-Michel Jarre

    • Dorit Chrysler

    • Ean Golden

    • Laura Escudé

    • DiVINCi

    • And many others...

    Jean-Michel Jarre became internationally famous with his number one hit album, Oxygène, which went on to sell over 18 million copies worldwide. Jarre has been a major player in the fastest-growing musical revolution of them all: Electronic Music. Led by sound rather than notes, the electronic composer was able to carve out his craft from first principles. It’s a pioneering approach that has given birth to a wealth of albums and collaborations, notching up over 80 million album sales to date.

    Dorit Chrysler has been dubbed a superior wizard of the theremin. An Austrian-born, New York-based composer, producer and singer, Dorit is the cofounder of the NY Theremin Society and founder of the first school for theremin, KidCoolThereminSchool. As much as the theremin is a tool in Dorit’s electronic instrument arsenal, she is also one of the most visible thereminists spreading the gospel of this mysterious sounding instrument, which is basically played by massaging thin air. Dorit has, besides her many solo records, collaborated with artists such as Anders Trentemøller, Tocotronic, TheThe, the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and Ohland. She has performed worldwide in a variety of places like Australia, Japan, South Korea, Europe and Brazil.

    Ean Golden is a music pioneer who has played a major role in developing digital DJing throughout the world. Along with popularizing controllerism and modern DJ technology through his influential site, he was the lead designer on many popular DJ products including the Dicer, S4, VCI-100 SE, Midi Fighter and many more. Through the global community and his viral performance and education videos, Ean Golden has inspired the next generation of DJs for years to come.
    DJ TechTools is run by DJs who are passionate about technology and creativity. The site hosts a forum of nearly 100.000 members, a database with thousands of MIDI mappings for DJs and controllerists, as well as articles, videos and tutorials related to digital DJing.

    Laura Escudé is an electronic music producer/controllerist using some of the most futuristic hi-tech gear available. Her sound and fashion-forward look is complemented by her stage presence, with custom LED controllers, vocals and violin. Escudé has opened for Miguel, Garbage, performed alongside artists like Machinedrum and with Kiesza and Iggy Azalea. She has handled music programming and vocal effects for Kanye West shows since 2011. As the first Ableton Certified Trainer in the world, she has designed shows for The Weeknd, Jay-Z, Herbie Hancock, Porter Robinson, Drake, Bon Iver, and many others. Electronic Creatives is a team of show designers, developers and music programmers who design and implement solutions for audio/visual performance.

    DiViNCi is a founding member and producer of Orlando-based Hip Hop group Solillaquists of Sound, and electro-soul duo Chakra Khan. He first gained notoriety by using multiple drum machines in ways the world had never seen before. In addition to his frequent work with Grammy-winning Ms. Lauryn Hill, DiViNCi’s frenetic finger drumming and innovative use of music technology have led to collaborations with such artists as Nas, Victor Wooten, MF DOOM, Doug Wimbish & El-P (Run The Jewels). As a public speaker and creative coach, DiViNCi shares his passion for creative health by helping others refine their creative process, and continues to travel the world connecting with audiences through his high-energy performances and workshops.

    Larry Heard, Jordan Rudess, Chagall van den Berg, Moldover, Kaitlyn Aurelia-Smith, Ela Minus, Jeff Snyder, Toshio Iwai, Rohan Hill (Synthstrom Audible), Lippold Haken, Urs Heckmann, Dan Clarke (Novation), Tatsuya Takahashi (Korg), Jesper Kouthoofd (Teenage Engineering)

    Have a look inside!

    Below you can have an exclusive sneak peak into the book: PUSH TURN MOVE. Prepare to be captivated as you enter the world within these pages. Take a moment to begin your exploration and uncover the enchanting magic that awaits you within the pages of this remarkable book.

    Key elements of the book

    Get to know your gear

    Learn how electronic musical instruments are designed and used. Explore the many types of instruments, and design concepts, categorized and explained in photos and illustrations.

    Meet the instrument makers

    Take a journey through the history and mystery of human and music machine interaction with the creative geniuses of the makers behind the instruments.

    Get inspired by the artists

    Meet the artist pioneers exploring their instruments with a spirit of adventure and a sharp eye on the turning tides of technology.